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Window Tinting Services in Las Vagas, NV area


Our most popular tinting service is our auto tinting. Bring your car in by appointment or first come, first serve and we’ll install the tint in a short period of time. You can even wait in our office. Tints are made from a thin film or laminate retrofit coating made from polyester and glued to the interior of glass surfaces.  We will install the best type of tint depending on if you want to keep out as much heat as possible without going very dark, keep the sun out of your children’s eyes who sit high up in the car seat, you want a film that will give you maximum privacy, or you want tinted windows to improve the aesthetics of your car. We clean your windows inside and out to prepare for the tint. Bubbles and streaks are normal when you first get your car windows tinted and should go away in three to five days. Don’t settle for any gaps in your tint, rather, get tint from us where we shave off the top of the film to bring it all the way to the top. The benefits of window tinting include reduced glare, reduced UV exposure, increased comfort, protecting your valuables, and reduced interior fading.

Paint Protection Film

SunTek Paint Protection Film is scientifically formulated to create a strong, reliable layer of protection against damage caused by rocks, salt, insects and other debris. Its self-healing technology repairs scratches with heat from the sun or an engine.


If security is your main concern, Desert Tint and Glass LLC installs security films in cars, homes, and businesses. These films are extra strong to protect against broken glass in case of an accident or break-in and have a tint that is clear on the inside and reflective on the outside. We take extra care in installing security films that create the desired effect.

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