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Desert Tint has many types of auto film tints. Our Carbon tints are available in light, medium, and dark shades. They have a non-reflective black finish, and great solar performance with advanced UV protection. We have our CXP series, available in 5 shades of tint from light to dark. This series is non-metal, nano-hybrid and has a non-reflective black finish that will not fade. It offers superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection and signal enabling technology.  Our High Performance auto tints are available in 35%, 15%, and 5% and are dyed-metal, hybrid construction. There are charcoal, bronze, and blue options with superior heat rejection and glare reduction. It also offers optimal clarity.


There are many types of solar control films for offices and other commercial buildings including stainless steel, fully metalized color stable tints, copper finish, tints with optimal clarity for stunning views,  silver tints, low reflectivity, and low emissivity. There are also exterior films available, which protect from high heat, glare, and UV. Panorama films maintain ambient light and graffiti gard keeps away paint, key scratches, and other marking. The film can be easily removed and replaced for clean up to keep vandalism off the building itself. Finally, decorative films have designs etched in them and add a designer touch to conference rooms, lobbies, partitions, and cubicles, and offer office privacy.


Installing window films on your home can save you up to 30% on your utility bills. They provide solar heat and glare protection, protect from damaging ultraviolet rays, and enhance curb appeal. There are films that are undetectable and still provide the same benefits, solar control films in many tints and varieties, exterior films, safety films to hold glass in place if broken and provide a burglary deterrent, and decorative films, which have designs incorporated into them. There are types of films especially designs for door windows, bay windows, bedroom windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, basement windows, and more.

Security Films

Desert Tint also designs window films made especially for security purposes. These help protect against break-ins and severe weather. A strong barrier is created even after glass is broken because the shards are held together. 28 to 42 micro-layers of tear resistant film is available without changing the appearance of your home and allowing 70% of natural light in. 60% of heat is rejection along with 97% of the sun’s infrared rays.  You can also get tinted sun control films. We ensure your family and belongings are protected with all of our security film products.

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